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I have never worked so hard to win someone back. I had a great night with you but yet I can’t satisfy you no matter how hard and how much I try.

One wish

My only wish is to be your girlfriend again, for you to want me again. You always come up with excuses and it kills me. We are always hanging out but at the end of the day you hate me.

Challenge Accepted

Made a bet with the babe earlier today. Not sure if it is possible to get abs within a month and a half. But winner gets a seafood dinner! Hahah pretty stupid for us to get fit then lose it with food.

I hate that at the down times of my life, I still think of you. I know I shouldn’t but I just wish you knew how deeply I hate you for hurting me. You cheated, you were dishonest, and disloyal to me. I really hope karma do its worst to you.

Stop Judging me

People need to learn to shut the fuck up. Just because I had a wild weekend doesn’t give you the right to tell exaggerated stories about me to other people. I don’t need a pep talk or whatever. I’m old enough to make my own stupid mistakes. Can I just enjoy life? Enjoy college?

Young marriage

It seems like everyone I know is getting married. So far 4 of my friends just recently got engaged/married and they are 1-2yrs younger than me. I would like to get married right now too, but I also would like to live my life and enjoy the freedom I have before a man ties me down and we start having kids that will ruin my fun/time.
Reason why I prefer not to get married young:
1) I ain’t got money. College is expensive
2) College takes up time and money
3) I flirt too much with guys that ain’t mine that’s why I suck at commitment
4) I want to get my degree
5) I need a job that can pay off my school debts and put food in my belly
6) The majority of my money has been going to my “tattoo savings account”
7) cigarettes are a bit pricy for a carton
8) I have not met my other half
9) there are still a lot of fishies out there to experience
10) I haven’t found that big D.

I miss skateboarding

Tomorrow I am going to buy myself a board. I’m going to be a skater girl. A sexy one.


I need a cigarette

“I haven’t had coffee yet…how can I leave?”

—   Behemoth, The Master and Margarita (via allyourdarlings)

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